Scintillating Starbucks

Scintillating, it’s one of those big words that I know but I don’t really know what it means. Quick Google search and apparently it means shining brightly, oops I thought it meant something like salacious and saucy, oh well. Talking about big English words I had my English exam today, didn’t go too badly, the essay question was a little contrived (totally used it right there) and strange compared to what I was expecting but I think I wrote it well (apart from my handwriting, Dear Christ to be born for this.

Anyway I thought I’d write about Starbucks the company, I just had a peppermint hot chocolate and attempted to learn some computing- I didn’t. I’ve realised I’m incapable of learning in front of other people, revision during class time just fails for me, for the last 3 hours of revision in school I’ve just been drawing phalluses and pretending to understand the French language.

Anyway about Starbucks. It’s one of those companies, like apple that’s managed to ingrain itself into society, it’s pretty cool actually how well it does it. Like with this whole red cup controversy, it’s scary how good it’s been for Starbucks, aside from a few overweight and obese white males in America being annoyed about the islamination of brands (I kid, I totally don’t think Islam is destroying our brands) it’s been a lot of free marketing for Starbucks. They’re one of those companies which I imagine have a huge profit margin. They can charge extortionate rates just off the back of their brand name. I went to a hog roast place about a year ago, they did not for profit coffee – a single origin latte cost 50p. In a place like China where a coke costs 20p, Starbucks can still charge £3.20 for a frappé and be full 24/7.

I’m not sure why I’m writing about this, maybe it’s be cause the peppermint hot chocolate was annoyingly sweet and a little too cold, or the fact it cost me the same price for a hot chocolate in a paper cup as it did for an incredible organic chocolate moussey drink thing in an upscale restaurant.


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