I Smell Bad

Winter has come. It’s freezing and raining outside. One of the downsides of going to a private school (I’ll cry into my £10,000 school fees boohoo) is wearing these horrible (well I love them most days) woollen blazers. Actually that was of the questions in my French Paper today (blogging during during the exam period yolo).

It’s pretty bad once the rain sets in. The woolly things don’t really get wet they sort of mesh and mould and get all disgusting. A class after break or lunch usually ends in a quagmire of blazers that resemble a daggle of dogs (gaggle of geese, daggle of dogs).

The cold is never fun, it’s something to be feared. Or preferred to be honest, I’d rather be in a tundra than in the desert I think. Cold water on a hot day is better than hot water on a cold day. We use cool as a nice adjective, well to be honest we use hot as well but I’d rather call someone a cool gal than a hot gal. (then again I’d rather not call someone a gal).

It’s strange talking to people about having a blog. I don’t really talk about it to much. I never write it in front of people because frankly like all men I can’t multitask. My friends don’t really bring it up, well one or two do and occasionally quote it. Problem is I don’t read over my posts so I don’t usually get the quotes. (if the spelling on this post is exceptionally lovely it’s because a bus friend checked it over).

Anyone back to the cold thing, my friend got off and I thought I’d write a little aside about some thoughts that were inspired from our conversation (impeccable paragraph I have to say).

Anyway, I’m wearing a school scarf right now. I don’t own one of these. I’m just wearing one because my friend put it on me in English. I’ve been wearing it ever since. Its strange how a little change in clothes will change your mood. This scarf is making me feel extra flamboyant, gay and dandy. ( I’m totally not gay, or maybe I am, I’m not having frequent sex of any kind so I don’t know).


One thought on “I Smell Bad

  1. I haven’t told any of my friends about my blog, but I kind of want to, you know? It’s a big part of me that I feel like I haven’t revealed to anyone…but I like it that way. I HATE the cold 😦


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