On a series of unrelated posts here’s one about some Illuminati plot that I once believed. Back in the day I used to read a lot of ridiculous pages on Facebook, honestly my liked pages on Facebook are ridiculous.

The whole idea was that the new world order (the secret group group that includes a reanimated Walt Disney and Kanye West) had decided that the optimal human population would be 300 million (or some number like that). They had decided that this is the number that could be well sustained. That everyone could live lavishly like this.

Due to this incredibly small number compared to the current population there were a manner of ways that they would cull the world. One was the whole idea of bad nutrition. The idea of the food pyramid and a focus on carbs, fast food and fatty food. This was designed to make all the poor people unhealthy so that they would all die early so the rich people could inherit and rule the world. Frankly this idea wasn’t even that bad. It’s totally plausible and is a great idea to wreck the world (and if it is a secret plot it’s working incredibly well).

Another one I actually believed the illuminati was actively doing in order to destroy the non global elite was chemtrails. These are basically the trails behind jets and other things like that. These were meant to be some ridiculous sprays of chemicals like silver nitrate (how specific) which would destroy the brains and addle the ideas of men. The global elite would supposedly have an antidote to this (a bezeor I suppose).

Another more plausible argument is the whole idea of the media and television. The media and tv were basically designed to create “sheeple” people who submit to the laws of the media. It created controversy and an outrage culture. Dopamine drips on television to keep people languid and sluggish. I actually believe in this one (well not that a secret cohort created it like this, but its what gets the eyeballs and viewing hours).

Stranger post today, hopefully some secret agents won’t come to my house tonight and dump my body.


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