Watch Men

So turns out I forgot to post my blog last night. I’d written it and thought I had clicked post, apparently I haven’t. So there’s the second blank day I’ve missed in the last hundred days (yeh I posted my hundredth post this morning).

This whole missing a post thing totally links to the idea of watches (it doesn’t but I wanted to write about watches).

Watches are another one of those ridiculous things I quite like. Along with pen knives and phones (plus I had a love of zippos for a while). I don’t have any of these things, well I have a watch but it’s a plastic swatch and not much like the models that I usually lust over (well lust is a bit of a strong word when describing an inanimate object).

I like the plastic watch, it’s kinda childish, it has a speedometer painted onto the side which is fun. But I’ve totally rationalized wearing it because of Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code. He’s got this little Mickey Mouse watch that his parents got him as a kid. That’s what I refer to mine as, it’s fun and totally endears the plastic body.

As for other watches. I quite like the idea of a minimal one, not those ridiculous chronographers or embellished beasts that dominate some people’s wrists. All I really want on a watch is having it tell the time and perhaps a date thing. My phone will do everything else, stop watches, lunar dials and world clocks are not what I need on my wrist. A brand like MVMT appeals to me, or one of those minimal Swiss ones. I don’t really care for brands (though if anyone’s offering a rolex I’ll take it).

On the other hand with smartwatches I’m not sure about my standing on them. These little devices connected to your phone seem cool. Well they are quite cool, reading your messages on your wrist seems cool, until you have to pull your phone out your pocket to reply (it’s like having an eject button on a dvd player remote). Most of the recent ones seem pretty ungainly and ugly. The moto 360 makes me want to cry. The only ones that have ever really interested me are the new asus zen watch and new pebble times (especially the pebble time round).

There’s something about a watch, maybe it’s cause they make your wrists look bigger (and big wrists are the most important part of a male).but it’s quite nice wearing one, especially in school uniform, it just feels right in shirt sleeves to wear a watch. I forgot to wear one one day and I spent the rest of the day glancing at my wrist and scrutinising freckles trying to divine the time.


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