Great Balls of Fire

Saturday afternoon, just finished my first week of prelims, one more to go. Saturdays have never been the best day for revision, after Chinese school and a bit of rowing or hanging around until 12 I don’t usually get home until 1, then lunch happens, I had a hair cut and started revising at 3pm. Well it’s half six right now, I’ve done a fair bit of revision, managed to knacker my last pair of earphones (that’s good bye podcasts and youtube and late night radio for the forseeable future) and watched an episode of The Man in The High Castle (for tv it’s incredible – or it would be if my dad wasn’t muttering anti-Jap drivel all the way through). I’ve decided to start a new Piano piece, it’s called Solfeggietto by CPE Bach (turns out that’s Bach’s son, not an avant-garde way of spelling his name) and while technically it’s pretty easy I just want to see how fast I can get it. 

Today’s blog title comes from some song by some band that I’m not sure what it is. Apparently it’s by Jerry Lee Lewis, but oh well, I listened to oine Jimi Hendrix song and I now think I know all classic rock music (I do hope Great Balls of Fire is classic rock).

Now see I was going to write lovingly about my take on the end of the world and asteroidal impacts that so dotted my dreams as a child, but em there’s headphone reviews to be reading and some hefty smells coming from the kitchen, so maybe I’ll continue this later, probably not though demand, supply and markets is a cruel mistress.


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