As always I do pick the worst times to get into things. I’ve spent the last hour reading a blog about travelling the world ( it seems like a pretty cool idea and probably one of those things I’ll want to do as I get older.

It always seemed pretty cool travelling the world and meeting people and eating local street food. Well hopefully eating local street food that won’t give me dysentery, auto immune conditions or rampant diarrhoea (a tip my grandmother gave me was go for the places that have old people and kids).

I read a post a while ago on the art of manliness (what a name), I’m not sure how long ago, I feel like it’s been at least a year or two but realistically it’s probably only been a month or so. Here it is.

I quite liked the idea of it as I read it. There’s something about wearing light-weight clothes around all the time and just walking around, taking photos and seeing the sights. I’m not sure why but I really got excited when he discussed the prospects of wearing his clothes into the shower and then putting them back on after quickly drying them. Maybe it’s the taboo against wearing clothes in the shower that so attracts me to this idea? I’ve been a fan of EDC for a while, this is just optimising the things you carry, like pens, watch, phones, keys and the like. so the whole idea of fitting everything you needed to survive into a little backpack appeals to me.



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