Love Thyself

I’m not sure if I’ve had a post a with this title before or not, oh well, I’m far too cool to care.

Mum decided to confiscate my phone for the next week or two (well I say confiscate, in reality I’m just not allowed to bring it into school anymore) It’s fine, I’m not suffering, I don’t really use it in school, Just sometimes scrolling around Instagram behind the teacher’s back to look hard. (doesn’t work as soon as the Pokemon posts start coming up)

Second week of exams now, Physics in the morning, out of all my tests so far I reckon it’s been the easiest. On my way in I was talking to some older guy (another horrible way to describe an acquantince) anyway he was talking about this guy in his year who had gotten the best test scores in Scotland for at least two of his subjects. To do this monumental feat he had done past papers dating back to around 1990, in all, about 28 for each subject, not too shabby.

Another effect of this whole not bringing your phone into school thing, is there’s no phone to use on the bus. Usually there’s some other people but today, alas I was alone. That’s probably one of the benefits of a phone, it keeps you occupied from yourself. You know when you’re talking to someone you really don’t want to talk to. You’re not vibing (which is totally a way to describe conversation) and you just don’t know what to say next. Well I managed to have that with myself, I sat in awkward silence with myself. Every conversation topic I brought up was automatically shot down, every new way of trying to bring up a new topic was promptly dropped.

How did this happen? I’ve managed to bore myself, this isn’t something that should be happening. S0 here it is. My newest habit thing. No phones of buses, no radio at night and eh, no 3g for the next two weeks. I’m gonna teach myself that it’s not okay to not like talking to myself.


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