Freedom and Unity

It’s over, finally. I’m done. I’m out of my latest rut of things to do. The mountains have  been climbed and I’ve reached the other side, albeit a little bruised, broken and berated (going for my b-alliteration there).

I’ve finished prelims (well I’ve done my core 8 and mandarin doesn’t really count. I think I’ve done well, so far I’ve counted an error in Computing and Biology – there’s sure to be more, I’ve not gotten big headed enough to think I’ll get full marks in ALL my exams. I’m not sure how I feel after finishing them, I think I’ll renege on yesterday’s post and say I was just being lazy when I was wasting time and I definitely could’ve revised a little more.

I’ve finished my grade 8 and gotten my results back. I didn’t do spectacularly. A 116 out of 150, I’m a little peeved I didn’t get a merit (120) but hey whatever, frankly I’m happy for a pass. One of my paralysing fears of the past few weeks was failing my Piano exam.

As for the other areas of my life, I’d say I’m quite happy how they’re going. Well maybe not so much for rowing. I haven’t done  a single session in two weeks and I’m adamant about starting again. As I’ve said before (perhaps not on this blog but in a self-dialogue *a monologue*) once I miss one session I’ll probably miss them all, well that’s what happened last year. I’m not going to let that happen this year. So here it is. I’m going to circuits next Monday and then every other session I can make for the next week.

Mentally I feel like this whole exam has put me into a flow state, things just seem to come to me easier, I’m more succinct and fluid, my self-talk is getting better, I’m starting to have full conversations with myself. I’m happier with myself, life seems to be more wondrous after these weights have been lifted off my shoulder, I walked to my bus stop staring at the majesty of the sky (I swear am no on drugs) an needed to be pulled out the way of street lamps a few time. I’ve got more of a tap-dance to work feeling now and I’m totally not body concious at all (I jest I’ve never been that ashamed of my body – why would I be? I’m a walking Adonis)

Emotionally I’m better, I’m great with my parents now and I like where I’m at right now.

So here it is, my hump day post (I believe I’m using hump day in the right context here, it’s a Wednesday and the past few days have been pretty hard)




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