Foot Cramp

One of my debilitating physical failings (along with sweaty palms and a tiny bladder) is that I always get foot cramp. It’s one of those really annoying things, like truly brings out the worst things in life. (My lord my thinking is bad, I’m on the phone) It incapacitates me during physical exercise and renders me weak and inert.

It usually strikes whenever I do sports to do with water, swimming renders my foot catatonic. I used to swim a fair bit and every time I’d jump in the pool it would strike, of course this wasn’t a totally bad thing, it could get me out of laps for a while because I was always a lazy little sod. Some guy once told me(he will be referred to as that guy because my memory doesn’t stretch that far)that you should be eating bananas before jumping into a pool (not literally just before) So I did that for a bit, it worked pretty well, then I stopped swimming properly. Now every time I jump into a pool, there’s ever a lucky banana digesting inside of me, Boom. Foot cramp guaranteed

Today’s a  bit of a shorter, weirder post but here it is, I’m a little tired and very thirsty, and I don’t want to return to typing a blog after visiting the watering hole.



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