Everyone’s the Same

Saw another film today (well another one since last last last weeks Bond film) Mockingjay pt2 it wasn’t too bad and at fear of sounding like an expert of filmology it was decent but went on for far too long.
I had some incredible post planned about my fascination for planning myself jumping off things to my death, oh well I’ll save that for another day. Enjoy my amnesty post.

This morning’s 6am podcast was “Fat Burning Man” with Abel James and his guest, the much maligned and infamous Tucker Max (I personally think the man is a genius and his stories are hilarious – though a little cruel to the female sex)

Now I’m pretty sure this idea from that podcast, it’s hard to remember especially with my terrible memory but oh well (maybe it’s one of those ideas that came from the ‘ideas having sex’ that someone clever talks about)

They talked about how some people automatically assume that other kindred spirits see things the same way as they do. For example that people view them they same way they do themselves. That people hold the same views and convictions about other things that they do. But in truth this isn’t the case- far from it.

Often others see things very differently than we do and time should be taken to account for these views and take them into consideration before taking decisions, everyone is unique in their views and values and it would be both incorrect and boring to assume any different.


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