I’ve been listening to Wrath of the Khans on Hardcore history (how cool right) as my podcast of the week. It’s pretty cool. These are incredible little vignettes, curated and crafted master fully into a few hours that will instantly turn you into an expert. Well I say that, but a few hours later I don’t know much about the man Genghis apart from he had a really cool general called Subbadiah (that’s probably not how it’s spelt, go phonetics!)

Our man genghis went fully beast mode, conquering most of the known world, he was a pretty crafty guy and virile (I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that most Asians have a little genghis in them, maybe I have his noble red haired green eyed blood in me). Now I would love to write more but memory isn’t something that works properly on a bus whilst listening to more podcasts.

There was this little game I used to play, I think it was on the DS. An incredible game, I think it was one of the age of empires. Me and my friends would always play and the Khan (partly because we racially identified with him and partly because Genghis was op af with his cavalry). Then there was another incredible game on the DS, lego battles I think it was. There’s always been a fascination with conquering games for me, maybe it’s the 0.00069% genghis I have or maybe it’s just cause I want to see a world where everyone is called Kevin, Kevinitta and Kevinbaby. Ahh what a world that would be.


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