Fickle Emotions

Before I start this harrowing and soul destroying post I’ll say that I’m listening to one directions album and just ate a few dozen rich tea biscuits, I’m not in the best logical mind. (in order to somehow justify these awful conditions I’ll just say that Amazon prime is the greatest thing under £100 I’ve ever spent bought and me and a few friends were trying to see if we could fit a while biscuit into our mouths.

We did some profiling yesterday, not gender profiling, not racial but like job profiling. Basically we had this questionnaire and a few questions to answer. Like all too often when I have questionnaires I answer as I would like to be viewed, I’m hardly ever consistent with my proper feelings. Well that’s a little bit of an overstatement but it kind of applies. Any was there’s this one question that I remember (and with my awful memory anything I remember must be semi-important. It went something like “I rarely feel my emotions change drastically” or some drivel like that. Of course I answered never because Cool Kevin never has his emotions flustered. He’s a stone cold terminator shooting down assailants.  I believed it at the time but looking and it and pondering for a good few seconds I’ve realized I’m probably not. Sure I’m probably less emotionally unstable than most of the population. I won’t scream if the store is out of cheetos, my mother’s visibly gets angry at drivers, I’ve never really had a sudden outburst of fear or anxiety.

But I’m not as stone hard as I’d like to think I am, I’ll still feel like crap after something bad happens, stupid things make me sad like not getting my new pebble smartwatch on time (boohoo I cry on my gold leaf handkerchief). But yeh I suppose if like to admit to myself that its fine to feel emotion, well most of the time it’s pointless, but yeah admit it to yourself sometimes.

After this inspirational post I’ll expect myself to do many things with my life and become president of earth very shortly.


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