I’m out of ideas. Well if I’m honest I’m out of ideas of write about today. Stuck in the shoe section of new look (I may as well just hand in my man card now) and I’m clueless. Sure there’s things in thinking about but most of them don’t merit a post (for example why do warm pickles taste rubbish when cold pickles taste just so).

It’s strange what people go shopping on a Thursday evening. Why would you? It’s still the work week and its a strange time at 5:30. It seems to be oldish woman regaling in fine clothes and fabrics in order to make their life a little happier (how mean of me) or kids just after school who come in and try on clothes and hope their parents will buy it for them at a later date.

It’s weird being December, months pass quicker when you’re older, God how I fear when I’m older, I had a nightmare once about a few days passing without realizing it. Anyway Christmas is coming up soon, I wasn’t home last year for Christmas so it should be fun this year, sure our usual thing has been disrupted by some family deciding malta is good this time of year. I mentioned before that I’d been to some intensive competition camp last year in china, well that got cancelled this year so I’m to languish at home without the buffets, hotel rooms, zillions of Asians and eh Chinese food that costs like 20p.

For the last few years I’ve never really known what I’ve wanted for Christmas, for years I’ve asked for things but around 10 I’d realized I never really wanted things. So my parents started getting whatever was expensive and would make them look like good parents, 11 was a lego set, those things are bloody expensive now, but anyway it was actually pretty fun for a few days but now sits disused in storage. Another year I got some massive transformers thing, actually I quite liked that one (I didn’t really but I needed something to make me seem like less of an ungrateful spoiled brat).

Rain is something that comes in proverbial shed loads in Scotland. It’s raining pretty badly outside and woe is me I deigned not to bring a proper jumper and my jacket has been commandeered by fork hoe, so alas I must suffer the fate of the elements alone. Ah chivalry you cruel master.

I think I’ll end this here, today doesn’t feel like a writey day, I’m seeing this play in an hour and a bit and I’ve got my first violin lesson in a few months tomorrow, joy.


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