Computerised Wristwatches

I’m a heavy sleeper, once I’m out I’m out for the count, I’ve had people slap me, food thrown on my face, five hours of heavy turbulence on a plane and someone sleep-kicking me for an entire night. I sleep a lot, a usual school night will be 9:30 till about 7ish. I’d returned home pretty late after the panto last night. 11 o’clock I got home, I was thoroughly soaked and frozen like a Popsicle after walking half an hour in the bitter, biting wind of this little nice foresty path thing. So why on earth did I decide to stay up until 12? I got my pebble finally yesterday, for the people who don’t spend most of their waking hours thinking about cool technology, the pebble is the original smartwatch, what the apple watch came after and failed to emulate. It’s this tiny little e paper screen, like a kindle, four little buttons and no touch screen. Whatever, it’s cool.

Such was my excitement, that I had gotten up at 6 in the morning this morn in order to tinkle a little more (to be fair I was intending on waking up at 6:30 to get to rowing this morning).

It’s not exactly the smartest thing, the interface is a little plain and you can only get 8 apps on it. But it’s so much more, it has stupidly cool functions. I have a pomodoro timer, a decent timer (helps during weights) and full music controls. The text app let’s me send messages that semble things I would actually send (well would send to my mother or a potential employer) in a few buttons I had managed to send “I’ll be home in a few minutes” how cool is that?

I remember I wrote that watch post a few weeks ago, I suppose this is an extension of that. Sure it’s not the prettiest thing on the wrist but the 22mm standard watch strap makes me happy. My swatch doesn’t have swappable bands so this is my first customizable watch. I’m planning on getting a black NATO, maybe like the one in the new bond film. Most people won’t have a clue what I’m on about, I don’t really care, childish excitement has overtaken a need to be understood.

I would love to say that I managed to write all this on my new pebble smartwatch, but alas I don’t think there’s a way to custom enter letters, or else I really would’ve tried to do it.


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