The title should be lovingly pronounced as “lin-gee-ree” it’s Nebraskas unique way of pronouncing lingerie as he has neither ever seen it before on a living soul or has ever contemplated it properly as he is too busy devoting his life to Bible study and learning the good faith and women have never entered his mind. Until sofsan. She deigns only to say he has nice hair as she fawns all over his body in a public place and shows him pictures of her naked body as an “experiment.” Sofsan is the Ying to Nebraskas yang, she completes him, plus she has a little bit of Nebraska inside her. 😉
I am writing this with fork-hoe and I am now lovingly squishing her cheek, that was all written by the loving couple, and I didn’t squish her cheek, it was a pinch or a squinch.
Anyway back to our favourite loving couple, they’re currently checking out Instagram together, lovingly overlapping their limbs in some strange mating ritual, not dissimilar to that of avatar.

They’ve decided to not help me with writing this and instead interlope together. The writings coming up dry, just like sofsan.

I love them both and I’m very sad they’re together because I am alone and sad 😦 even though they seem to have this weak weak patter (they’re discussing elbows now) there seems to be some connection, I would say physical, but unlikely.


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