Mediocre Chicken

Nandos. The legendary chicken branch that’s just a kfc with a bit of tartness and cheeky spices where all the annoying white boys go now. It’s a pretty cool brand, they sponsored some guy to climb up Everest plus this black card thing makes me happy.

Anyway apparently there’s some people on God’s green earth who don’t enjoy the flavor of succulent. white flesh (chicken) and peri peri salt on those “pommes frites” sure I get if you’re vegetarian, for your beliefs and faith. But people who just don’t like the taste of this God given dish, it renders me speechless.

Anyway I thought I’d get the bus with some person (more I totally whipped her into getting the bus home with me) adventure training was cancelled so guess who gets an extra half hour playing with old people (yay)

Hitting a bit of a dry patch right now, the words just aren’t bubbling up to the surface for me to pluck out of the air and transpose onto this keyboard. Alas such is the nature of inspiration.

Family is a strange thing, hereditary aspects as well, I haven’t really received much from my grandparents (either in the physical sense or in the financial sense).

Anyway it’s been a lovely bus ride for me. People who get the bus are always lovely and loquacious and almost always end up showing me pictures of nude men (what a life it is for me).


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