Public Humiliation

Public shaming is perhaps one of the most terrifying things to most people. It’s the reason why I’ve the fear of public speaking (well who knows if I’m still fearful of it, I haven’t made a speech in front of people in quite a while) but the fear of lecturing others, for me, was always that I would be corrected or just shot down by the crowd. It’s a primordial fear that really doesn’t stack up well for a modern world.

There’s gurus in the world, inspirational men like Captain Redbeard, Russel Brand and a few other social iconoclasts recommend doing stupid things to make you lose your fear of public humiliation (which never really happens) and to keep your cool in social situations.

So today’s harrowing social experience was buying Christmas presets for a few friends. Today I visited the checkout with:

  • A 20 pack of maxi tampons
  • A coconut
  • A large box of Morrisons Value Wheet Shreddies
  • A small salad
  • A bar of coal tar soap

Safe to say I got a few strange looks, but hey, who cares. Public humiliation is only what you make of it.

I’ve written two little vignettes today because I felt gracious and want to make myself think that I’ve done a lot of work today.


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