Finding God

God and inspiration are found in unusual places. A visage of the lord found in some toast, mid bite of an exquisite sandwich, or in the arms of a woman that you love (shoutout to my home boy nebraska).

I managed to find it in the middle of buffet meal at some buffet place in town. I arrived young and naive, incredulous to the wonders that surrounded me. The dishes of curry and golden rice were heaped around steamers looked like I had arrived in mecca.

2 hours later I was dying, each spoonful of food was painfully inserted into my mouth. I was on a bet that whoever would eat the most (between me, nebraska, and a few others) would get all the other person’s lady interests, therefore I was totally gonna win because I can’t lose fork hoe 😦 ❤ (kidding I just have to win these things, plus want that cheeky bit of sofsan).

On my journey home I was basically dead, the seatbelt had decided to constrict my belly and was trying to squeeze the food out like a tube of toothpaste.

The night was filled with terrors, like the native Australians who would play with psychedelics in order to get visions of the future and their inner fears. I had vivid dreams of things that I haven't thought about in years, things I've never admitted to myself and ideas for things I've never thought about.

But due to my lovely memory I've forgotten it all, apart from this one little nugget that I need to work on, it's a pain that's been nagging me for years.


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