End of an Era

I’m tired, so very tired, tired to a point where my eyes can barely stay open. I’m finally done, I’ve had my last full day of school today. I got up at 6:30, made an omelette then went to weights, then I ran upstairs to get the bus to some computing trip. For something like 3 long hours I sat in a crowd watching a cyber security lecture, joy. I tried to have some fun, partly because I was bored as hell and thought I’d joke about with my chums but I also had this strange idea that if I made enough funny jokes, loud enough, the cute looking girl behind me would fall in love with me and we would elope and get away from this mundane concert of snores.

The rest of school was fine, I finished a chemistry assignment, ate a metric tonne for lunch (obese life ftw) then proceeded to french whence I did no work and ended up in Biology where I spent an hour getting lambasted by my old hag of a teacher. All a normal day.

So now it’s over, that’s a year done. It’s the 16th today, Christmas is in 9 days, China camp anniversary in 5 days.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing this holiday, I’m meeting a few friends but not really that many, I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about that, on one hand I’ll probably want to do more things, but on the other hand I really need some time to slow down and think.

I’m getting back into reading again, I stopped during my exams and haven’t really managed to jump back onto that bandwagon. Music will take over the void that education left and I’m going to go to the gym everyday for an erg. (This isn’t a definite right now, but stating it on a blog will probably force me to do it, that public commitment)


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