2nd Day of Christmas

The second day on my gateway to self-improvement. Now I was going to make this one about reading more, reading widely and reading deeply, then I thought I’d talk about having my own time and making time in the day to have fun.

Then I realised that I was not going to write a post on how I’m going to vow to pay 30 minutes of an iPad game a day (Vainglory FTW)so I realised I could probably combine those two today.

So that’s today’s new thing, read at least 30 minutes of a book a day, every day. Doesn’t matter what kind or type, just to drill the habit into my head. Captain Redbeard calls reading some low energy stimulus, instead of your dopamine inducing facebooks and instagrams, reading will set you into this calm, focussed state, something I reckon I’ll need, in my opinion I’m far too fixed on these highfalutin sources.

That’s me done on today’s vow, I’m off to find some earphones and then do my pushups/squats/things that hurt for the day.


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