Sweat and Biscuit Crumbs

Today I went to Sam’s house, well I told my parents that it’s Sam’s,it’s Naomi’s but since I’m not allowed to fraternise with women Naomi is now Sam. There’s now 3 boys left with Naomi, we’re currently running a train on her, very romantic. I asked what I should write my blog post about, today will be cheese. I’ve always had this special little hate for cheese, I’m not really allergic or anything I just detest the taste of it. I won’t eat pasta with cheese, or really anything with cheese, unless it’s lovely melted mozzarella on lovely tasting things. Thomas is hot.
Nebraska and sofsan finally eloped today, they decided to marinate their love, and admit their true feelings for each other. Spending hours intertwining limbs under the bed covers, it’s very cute. Today’s blog post will be mega short, partly because I’ve had to type this on a friends iPhone and because food is cooking and I haven’t had lunch yet.

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