7 Writers Writing

My darling English teacher decided to give us Christmas homework, it’s true, it’s the ones you love the most who hurt you. I feel betrayed and distraught, he broke down the mutual trust and acceptance that we had formed over time. I’m not sure how I’ll repair our relationship after this flagrant breech of my trust but I think I’ll find a way.

It’s a creative essay, write a story in 1000 words. Any kind of creative writing, monologue, drama, introspective, story, ditty, and the list goes on. First I thought I’d write a monologue, I quite like imagining being someone else and writing from their perspective, I discounted this idea when I realised how boring 1000 words of a man babbling on would be. The next idea was to write something from my own perspective, include thoughts and feelings, this idea gained more traction but I still didn’t really like it.

Then I get the challenge to make him blub, cry through the use of words on a page. And it has to be so powerful that he actually publicly proclaims to the class it made him cry. Challenge accepted.

I thought I’d take inspiration from my most recent nightmare, well my most recent relatable nightmare. My last nightmare was that I missed a Friday morning weights session, I woke up in a cold sweat screaming.

It was all about the passage of time, or more specifically missing time. I suddenly woke up one day, cognoscente and clear. Walking through my house it was changed, everything had aged. I checked a calender and it was 203something. My parents were old as hell now, I had seemed to have lost my memory, I had forgotten the last few years and was suddenly in an older body.

I cringed while writing this, it’s not very sad or scary right  now, maybe if I fleshed it out a bit but unlikely.

I think I’ll do one of my old fears. Losing my memory, this one seriously freaked me out, losing my mind, forgetting who I was and losing all my experiences, what would  I become, I would effectively die. I would lose all my conciousness.

Perhaps I could write a story from a perspective of a women losing her mind, perhaps someone with alzheimer’s, and you only realise at the end she has it. So it seems normal until it hits. I’ll make it relatable to him by applying it to ageing as a whole, that’ll hit him hard.

I feel a little sick and twisted planning this, but I’m quite excited about writing this one, I’ll start soon and post updates on here.


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