Holistic Holidays

The first time I properly heard the word holistic was in this Steven Mangan show about detectives, now this was just about the time Sherlock came out so I was obsessed with the idea of detectives and so lapped it all up, turns out it was kind of a comedy show and took the piss out of this guy connecting nebulous dots in order to ascertain the answers.

Holism is basically treating things as an interconnected whole, one basic example is that the body and mind are connected and that in treating one, the other can also be improved.

We like categories, us people. Things fit in nice little. In school subjects are segregated, they put fences in between the sciences, yet in practise there’s overlapping areas. That’s where this whole idea of things being holistic comes in. Concepts in some areas will also apply to other areas.

Philosophy has an idea of objects choosing the path of least resistance, I discovered this also applies to charges flowing through a circuit, now I have an easy way of remembering an contrite idea. The more you interconnect concepts the better you remember them.

Anyway the whole point of this reading widely and deeply is eventually you’l discover a lot of ideas that span topics, universal truths if you will. These ideas will congeal and gestate and bring you true wisdom which is something very cool.


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