Connect 4

There’s precious few things I remember from Tai Lopez (I haven’t really listened to much of his work recently, what with RSD becoming so good and him whoring himself out to the general masses).

One thing I did remember was him talking about reconnecting with people in your past, childhood friends. How this was something he’d been striving to do. In all his books he had divined that your best connections are with childhood friends.

God has been giving me pointers today that I should be reconnecting to childhood friends, well he really hasn’t been, I’ve just had a lovely day of reconnecting with some (one) old friend.

It’s weird talking to people you used to be close to, it’s great, there isn’t any of those weird things you get talking to new people. There’s no need to impress someone after they’ve already known you. No false pretences or images you have to maintain, just an ability to talk freely and openly.

Recently I’ve been finding myself getting more stifled on social media. Maybe it’s the thing of not meeting the people that I’m talking to in real life for so long, it’s like maybe you have to maintain this illusion of yourself over the internet, it’s ruddy stressful and just ruins conversations. One of Redbeard’s keys to talking forever is becoming outcome independent and not having this insatiable need for the other person to reciprocate.

Text conversations where you’re sending a message, waiting duly for a reply before sending another, well mediated reply are just boring. You want a conversation where you’re at it, fingers flying trying to convey as much information as you can over this brief time period. That’s one of the benefits of reconnecting, you have a tiny period of time to describe what’s happened to you in a long period of time, paragraphs will be present. This whole sensation where you’re both freely putting out information for the other one to grab out and make talking points out of, or to just file away for later use, that’s where the magic happens. Not this abysmal shambles that texting so often is, with these conventions, not double texting, sending similar length replies and feigning (dis)interest.




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