Musical m-Epiphanies

I was going to write this amazing post that would justify my actions from last years Christmas that would combine wit, charm and delicacy. But alas I’m with people and can’t write incredible soliloquy when I’m in company so you’re getting this rubbish.

I thought I’d write about music, more specifically my new found interest as a whole. I recently made the discovery that Amazon did a music streaming service. Baller. (this does sound a little deja vu, but the other things in the room don’t, alas I’m rewriting topics)

But where I wrote old drivel I quite like this new development. Alex tried to teach me to be more of a slob, lose that illusion (or the effort to maintain the illusion of) being perfect. That’s boring and far too unapproachable, the times I’ve been most approachable is when I’ve been a slob, a mess probably emotionally or physically. I spent most of China camp in a daze, cracking jokes and seeming airy for most of it.

That bit kind of went onto a side tangent but I suppose it somehow related to my argument as a whole. It’s this whole new thing of listening to more music instead of podcasts. I’ve kinda stopped listening to podcasts, partly because I only ever listened to Rogan and that I’ve realized music potentially has more benefits (I’ve decided to work more on emotional health than educational stuff, seems more important right now). There’s something about putting on some music loud, and just getting lost into it. I remember a conversation a long time ago, walking in to school with some friend who seemed emotional, so brought out the music, I put in an earbud and tried to mimic what they were doing, I kinda pretended that the music was changing my outlook (I probably thought I was above having my emotions being tampered with by some notes on a phone) but I get it now, how your mood can be changed by a few bars.

Something I’ve realized about happiness is that its available at all times, you just have to find the correct entry point, which for some times is music.

Though I am a little scared of becoming addicted to this emotional crack, perhaps its unsustainable and I’ll become addicted having a bud in my ear constantly, I remember Tai Lopez saying something about music being the opiate of the lower younger classes, oh well have at me.


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