New Year, New Me

It’s that time of year again where there’s all those posts about “new year, new me” I can imagine most readers just groaned a little there because they’ve seen THAT post too many times, it’s become more popular to mock the previously popular social convention. But I suppose it begs a little credence, someone famous once said nothing important was created in a new years resolution, which is true.

What I don’t really like about new years resolutions is just the idea that they start on new years day, say you come up with the resolution in September, you have 3 months to wait to implement that resolution. Once you start you easily give up. Why? Because you have already had 3 months experience not doing what you planned to do, you’re not going to do it much longer than a few days.

But I suppose I have one, start trying out intermittent fasting, basically not eating for the first few hours of the day, I’m just trying to work out how it’ll fit into my schedule, but I really like the idea. It’s not what you expect, just forgoe food until about lunch time or later if you want. The benefits interest me and its what I feel like I’ve been missing.

So what’s the plan for 2016? I’m not sure, well I do know I’m just scared to write about it online. Perhaps become more congruent, align myself more to my goals in life, and thoughts and feelings, somehow.

I need to get better at speaking with adults, I’m bloody awful at it and I doubt I’ll go far if I can’t even talk to the older generation.

Become more grounded in myself. Turn into this zen master, this block of ice that is unfazed to everything, a terminator shooting down everything in my sight. I got told I should raise my standards for humour today, perhaps the greatest complement I’ve ever had. I’m laughing a lot more an generally becoming happier.

There’s this book I’ve been meaning to read for a while “no excuses” by Brian Tracey he just covers all these areas of your life and how to fix them, I’m going to read it.

Onto the parents, I’m going to try and and stop all this lying about my friends and stuff, I’ll probably come clean that Sam’s house isn’t really Sam’s house and Angus’ mum is sofsan’s mother, it’s terribly hard and she’s going to find out one day and it’ll kill me.

For fitness, fasting will help (swear I’m not starving myself to look pretty) but I want to try going harder in the gym, I’m hardly getting those jelly legs or not being able to open a jar of pickles afterwards.

I’ll probably try be nicer, or maybe not. As some pick up guy says I’d be hated by 20 people and loved by 1 than liked by 21 people, then again first I’d have to find someone who loves me 😦

I think that’s it for the things I need to change about my life.

Oh wait, learning. I’m going to read more, a lot more, make it a proper habit, and apply myself in school, and revise, and oh joy.

Also start playing violin seriously, I’ve neglected it for too long, I don’t really like practising it but a habit is a habit and needs to be done. And I’m going to try learning flight of the bumblebee this year.


11 thoughts on “New Year, New Me

  1. i love your goals, it’s always good to have what you want to do down on (virtual) paper – apparently it makes you more likely to accomplish them or something. have a great 2016!!

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  2. Kevin, as an avid and devoted fan of the content on your blog (indecisive about the sarcasm in hopes of appearing as nice, so take it as you want), I beg you to stop the comma splicing in your writing. It will make your writing so much better. Please. Thank you. And good luck on your love life. God knows loneliness is the human condition.



      1. I’ll give you an example. “But I suppose I have one, start trying out intermittent fasting” – it’s using a comma to join two independent clauses together. In my oponion it staggers the flow a bit – here, a dash would probably work better


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