Unspoken Words

I was going to write this post on the idea of sex, and what I thought about it and just generally discussing it. I swear it’s not as strange as a blog post that a 15 year old recluse would write about sex would be.

I totally wanted to write this one because I want to write things that make me uncomfortable because why else would I write a blog.

I’ll write a little but it’s far too late, my batteries are low (mentally and my phone is dying)

The first one was about how the more you try and hide these things, the more they’ll mess you up. Trying to hide sexuality and becoming this denier will only make you weird as hell in the long term. Think about Japan and their famous “anime” or priests and their questionable tactics to dealing with kids.

Seems like society really gives us a funny image of sex and expectations, for example take the socially conditioned way of falling in love, from what I’ve read this is totally wrong and convoluted and really serves to mess up naive little boys and girls in the long term.

Another weird thing is it makes it totally weird for people to try and learn about how to improve in these things. I was listening to bulletproof executive today and Tucker Max was on to talk about his new dating book, I pretty much immediately sneered, what freaks would need that book? Before long I realised I and just about everyone my age probably needed to read that book. But I immediately dubbed it ridiculous from the get go, it’s something that’s shunned on, thing about society’s general attitude to pick up and lotharios.
And I think I’ll finish there, I probably seen a little weird after writing this but I felt like I wanted to write it, and surprisingly it wasn’t terribly awkward to write.


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