Tempus Fugit

The title comes from this Latin phrase I read in a book as a child. The book was pretty unremarkable, something about a house, and there were two parts. I digress, the phrase tempus fugit came up, apparently it was Latin for time flies. I’ve always remembered this phrase, incorporating it into ridiculous things, an emblem I drew when I was 10, an English story from a few years ago and muttering it in my head whenever I realize time has passed and situations change.

“you must be able to capitalise on an opportunity, in the time frame of the opportunity.” some other ridiculous quote of indescribable origin. But nevertheless it relates. When you see
something, there’s a brief window in which you can act on it. Say someone offers you a cookie, that’s the opportunity, if it isn’t taken in time, the opportunity is lost.

This all came to mind today, I’m not sure why it’s come to mind, maybe some ethereal being is telling me to capitalise on opportunities, maybe my mind is telling me I’ve missed too many chances, or to not repeat the misdeeds of others.

Or perhaps to prioritise things which will end shortly over universal certainties with a long time frame. That probably doesn’t make too much sense, but I get it.


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