Today’s post is an interview with someone because they’re too distracting to let me write a post on my own.

Q: what should my first question be?
A: dunno isn’t that your job?

Q: what’s your favourite brand of crisps
A: lays (she’s from America) barbecue (she’s from America)

Q: what’s your plans for the future
A: uhh.. Dinner or… Tomorrow, I dunno you mean next week?

Q: what’s your opinions of trump?
A: you know the video of him doing the “boing boing boing” there’s a dubstep of him doing that and its Jurassic park (proceeds to boing boing boing)

Q: what’s your favourite quality in a person?
A: you mean like their head, or their personality? (after some explaining) consentness.

Q: what’s your favourite kind of meat?
A: di… d.. dic.. Steak.

So there it was, a conversation with my favourite person who is funny without trying to be funny.


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