Melted Melt

Walking to violin, there’s a little sign outside this deli that reads “Menorca Melts” I was transfixed, these two words had caused emotions and feelings to arise in my body instantly, I really wanted a menorca melt, whatever a menorca melt is, because the words so succinctly and beautifully captured my attention. I never got to have a menorca melt but I really wanted one.

Words are a strange little thing, a set of standards of how we open our mouths and vibrate our vocal cords, each person speaking a language will use the same patterns yet sound different, accents and tones. We then decided on a syntax for these sounds, placing certain sounds to certain little squiggles of a piece of paper. We universally decided to put one sound to one squiggle, and one sound to another. If a certain two squiggles are placed together we create a different sound than if we were just pronouncing them individually.

This set of sounds can convey anything we want them to, our brains can somehow link sounds to causing emotions, link them to feelings and sensations. We can exchange and converse by applying different patterns of the same sounds. It’s a strange concept.

But there’s times when you see through the matrix, when words just somehow stop working, the language just gives up. We had a discussion today about words like “leaped and lept” moving onto “keeped and kept” and onto a few others. The thing is, after repeating the word kept for a while, it loses its meaning, it no longer gets associated with owning things, but rather as this set of strange sounds we make that have no meaning.

That’s my epiphany of the day. Language is a strange and wonderful beast that can be endlessly shaped and moulded to do just about anything we desire them to do.


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