I didn’t think I was the person who got mad easily, I don’t really get mad at those things that tick people off, my mum gets mad at slow service and bad drivers. Dad gets mad at capitalists and gays. Sure I get annoyed if I miss a bus or when the Italian restaurant stops making my favourite pasta, but cest la vie, I get over it pretty quickly.

But I have never been as mad as I am right now. I just got out of “Joy” well it’s been 30 minutes and I’m still madder than I’ve ever been. That film has destroyed me, I’ve been comfort eating because my emotions are so distraught.
Sure I loved the film, just about every moment of it, I don’t usually like films that are emotional but I loved it. I almost cried in one scene, it’s good, its bloody great.

So why do I so loathe this thing? Probably because I loved it so much. Until the end. Sure the film takes about 2 hours to set up the plot, but it’s a great set up and makes you feel great. Joy just finishes a deal, hits a climax. Now after all these trials and tribulations she has reached the tipping point, things get better now. Well they do. Because the imbecile of a creative director decided to fast forward about 10 years to when she’s a success. She’s rich and happy and sure there’s a few issues but she’s a success. So I think it’s over, I’m pretty sad, I wanted to see the character being happy and joyful and things going right.

Nope. It brings it back to the present, continues the scene. I’m so happy, we can now see some of her successes. I watch her walk away, I’m ready to see her crush and watch her marry Bradley Cooper and invent more stuff.

It fades to black


It finishes right there. It raised my hopes up only to dash them on the rocks. I almost had my perfect ending, then to watch as it gets destroyed before my very eyes. I’m not sure why I’m so angry, perhaps I wanted to watch a journey, not this excuse of an ending that gives me no satisfaction. I want to see the journey, the little bumps and problems on the road, instead I get this crappy little window into the future.

The climax is at the end. No. Not cool. I want to see her having fun and enjoying life. I’m still hinged on the last emotions that the film inspired, sadness and fear. I want to be elevated by a film, not emotionally destroyed.

So I sit on my bus, listening to Eminem because that seems suitable angry music, eating angry sushi and angrily smashing my fingers off the capacitive keys on my phone.



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