Next to Get It

Decided to use an amnesty post today, I’m tired and the laptop is broken so this is happening.

I’ve been made to make every title for the rest of January to be a G-eazy lyric because G is my new god. I found out who G-eazy was because I was watching this video and some man said “anyone who doesn’t know who G-eazy is will never be successful” so I decided to cover the bases and start listening to the man.

This post used to be called “Spectator People” and will be called whatever lyric comes up by the end of this typing.

Sitting on the bus, it’s not moving. It hasn’t been moving for about the last half hour. At first I thought the engine was broken, then an ambulance came.

Turns out someone had fainted in the floor below, they’d just gone out, like a light bulb, unconscious.

I would’ve loved to help, I really would. My school does these little community badges for helping the public generally, I covet these things for some strange reason. But I didn’t help, despite my best intentions. Why didn’t I? I wanted to, I could’ve physically gone downstairs and done something. But I didn’t. I think it’s one of those cases of diffusion of responsibility, that the crowd was waiting for someone else to act first, so in the end no one helps.

There’s this woman on my other side, she keeps craning her head, I assumed for a while that she was looking at the poor man, paralysed in inaction like myself. She receives a call and proceeds to complain about this dilemma. Then I realize so are a lot of other people, all complaining about their sad predicament, having to wait an extra half hour.

Except there’s a man downstairs unconscious, he seems to have been forgotten by everyone. As soon as a tragedy hits, every seems to focus on themselves. That’s what I learnt this morning in my morning video, no matter how much you don’t think your interests are selfish, almost every choice, decision and thought you make is about yourself and how you can gain.


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