Break me Down

Skewing life in your favour is what today’s post is on, it probably isn’t apparent from the title because G-eazy sadly doesn’t have many applicable song lyrics on the topic.

Seed in soil, most things in life will be 50% genetic and 50% life experience. Being good at sport will be 50% genetic and 50% talent, same for music or anything else worth doing in life. Well if you’re alive and reading this there’s not really a way to fix your genetic inheritance, so life is about skewing your soil in a way that is most conducive to your life.

Being good at something is just being in the top percentile, so you should just be doing things that put you in the top percentile. What I’m trying to say in an incredibly convoluted way (because you can’t listen to lyrics and write blogs) is just by getting in the door is half the battle, turning up to training or sitting on front of the piano is already better than most of the people you’re competing with.

Moral is: just skew your life in a way that helps you in every way
( the words really aren’t coming up easily this early in the morning)


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