Losing Sleep

I’ve had a few ideas about what to write today, one was about how things look in context or compared to when taken out of context, the other was scolding my father for trying to teach me social skills – that would’ve been about learning from people who have attained highly in what they are teaching. Then I had this great idea, something that would’ve shaken the rocks of creation and created a veritable tidal wave in the minds of the common American. Well I’ve forgotten it now because I’m basically brain dead.

Also I’m writing this on a computer and my dad’s lying on the floor with a laptop behind me, for someone trying to keep the blog a secret, I’m on a precariously thin knife blade.

I think it was something to do with my friend saying he had started looking forward to rowing sessions, I remember laughing at him and telling him sagely that I hated them but I went to them anyway. Perhaps if I follow a train of thought I’ll find it.

Then again I would need to have a train of thought to ride on, I don’t have one of those.

I wrote a blog post yesterday, but that wordpress app decided to delete it for me so the calenders, ruined again.

I really need to think of things to write, perhaps I don’t have anything writeable in my life right, well if I’m honest I’ve never really had anything writeable, I’ve just always made up things to write about. (on the note of me having nothing to write about, it’s true I don’t really have that many strange qualities or things that merit a teen blogger, I think) Perhaps my creativity is dying, or perhaps I’ve lost a part of me that is conducive to blogging, or perhaps I’m getting lazy, that’s probably it.

I’ll stop here, recharge my juices for tomorrow’s post and impending lot of homework. Plus I need to get back to Vainglory and maybe win a match, maybe.


One thought on “Losing Sleep

  1. Hahah that first paragraph! I don’t know why,but it literally made me laugh out loud! As for creativeness, by reading your posts,you really are creative. Maybe you’re tired or something? It’s k,it’ll come to u.


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