D.I.Y. Swag

I’m writing this one whilst watching Huang’s world. It’s a vice show about food, two of my favourite things to watch all combined into one. The showrunner guy is Eddie Huang, a dope pimp Asian thing, like one of those Asian people who accidentally wandered into a ghetto and then became got caught into it and became a trap thing, like fetty wap, or one of those trap kids that us privileged kids have heard of.

He’s totally what I hope my life will turn out to be, some like genius asian kid who got into law school then quit to open this little restaurant, beast moded it, made a show and then got porn stars and cultural icons on, then broke down the barriers. It’s pretty ill (I’ve watched too much already).

I’m still pretty confused about what I’ll do in life, I’m pretty sure at this point in my life, I could jump on just about any bus (except the bangbus) and ride it out till the future, I’d like to say I’m pretty versatile (but not as much as Jada Stevens).

Anyway now isn’t the time to be discussing this, I’m more worried about the short term and this issue of my sleep and memory. But I doubt I’ll write about that because it’s boring as hell. I’m pretty sure I’ve started screening for things to write about, perhaps I’m scared to bore the reader and lose all my followers and likes which sustain my ego, not sure how I’d live without my IV bag of appreciation.

I definitely think I’ve lost some of my bounciness from weeks before. Maybe it’s because I’m less rested than last week and tired and lethargic. Or perhaps this being cooped up in my house all day and on a self-imposed break from social media again isn’t exactly conducive to being excitable and bouncy. Looking back perhaps I am getting better in this area. Some drunk, pugilistic guy ran up to me on Friday evening after badminton, I would’ve usually ran away but he seemed funny, he comes up, screams at me then looks at me expectantly. I shout back, then walk away laughing as he stood in a daze, perhaps he was just wondering how some kid had gotten more drunk than him at 7:30.


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