Synthetic World

“You hack people, I hack time” a quote from Mr Robot, it’s said by this strange Asian woman who’s probably a trans, the makeup is seriously scary.

I don’t like the concept of time, things moving forward irreversibly, you can’t go back or move forward as you want. The one resource in life that is truly finite is our time, wasting time is literally wasting your life.

My first idea was to make some “what I did today in the same 24 hours as you” posts but that’s stupidly egotistical plus I’ve done nothing much today and was originally planning to waste a few hours before rowing. Then I realised I already had a post, one I had hypothesised on Friday but forgot to wrote.

Perception of time is a strange little thing, seconds can tick by either ridiculously fast or slowly. For the last minute of my Friday erg I felt every second tick away, praying that the clock would go faster, I felt an eternity go by as I wheezed and died on that machine, time slowed to a snails pace.

Chemistry was straight after, I don’t really do much in chemistry, we’re not really learning much in class and my teacher doesn’t really mind if I’m not paying full attention, so I spent an hour slumped over, trying to fall asleep at my desk. I talked a bit but I wasn’t really in the mood, drank some water, ate beneath the desk and checked Facebook under the table. An hour passes in a few minutes, I didn’t really notice it passing by and was surprised when it finished.

When we’re doing something hard or stressful we find time slows down, I think it’s because our brains are working harder. When we’re relaxing or following habits thing’s go faster, it’s easy and we don’t think as much. It seems what most people try to do is make life pass by as quickly as possible, doing things that command a state of autopilot and brevity of time. I suppose what I need to be doing is doing things that extend my perception of time, wring as much juice as I can out of this finite resource.


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