Just Believe

I’ve been reading this space opera book, basically a game of thrones in space. It’s quite good, non-fiction was boring me so I started with the most fictional novel I could think of. It’s basically about different races trying to discover these secrets that has been uncovered by this supreme race eons ago.

The secret is that the universe is ending soon, it’s not sure when but in the next few billion years. This doesn’t really seem like a problem to the human lifespan, I don’t really mind that earth should be melted in a couple billion years by the sun, humans probably won’t be around and I’ll be long gone. But the way they talked about it, all art, all traces of life will be gone. Whatever happens after will have no idea that humans existed, that there was a universe, civilisation, thinkers, dreamers and lovers.

We get that concept that if the earth’s lifespan was collapsed into a day humans would on appear in the last few minutes. But what a few minutes, we’ve created more than any other species. Your life take up this infinitesimally small part of this time, yet to you it’s literally the whole world.

I haven’t written this to depress myself, rather to humanise myself. I got told today that everyone imagines themselves invincible and bulletproof. “in your fears you act mortal, yet in your desires you seem immortal” so this is my reminder to myself that I’m just a little fleck on the clock of time.


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