Try and Impress

I’ve never really been in one of those incredibly focused states where you become completely oblivious to the outside world, where everything else melts away and the only thing left is you and whatever you’re doing. I try to do it during an erg, count my strokes and concentrate on breathing, I end up recounting my day, every sin I’ve ever committed, check myself out occasionally and wonder why I have scratch marks on my back.

Usually I spend my Friday afternoons lethargic and tired, early wake ups and rowing tends to have wrecked my body and mind by about lunchtime. Plus I won’t have eaten for a good few hours so there’s not much in the tank. The preceding hour long chemistry lesson is thus spent in this odd daze where I mumble and scribble my way through. Today was different, more focused and energetic. Answers sprung from my head, I paid more attention and listened more. I spent most of the lesson doing some maths challenge that I had been set, it’s just 5 questions that need solved and then explained, taking a few hundred words each. I managed to solve 3 during the lesson with the help of an antique Scrabble “R” and ridiculous amounts of coloured pens supplied to me.

For a month that could be characterised with the words “sloth” and “unreliability” today was a godsend, I felt more “on” today, everything slotting together nicely.


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