I’m Tryna Stay

I went back to chess club today, after yesterday’s fiasco I decided I probably needed some work done, plus I’m too lazy to do my French homework. I dry down and play yesterday’s board two, my subordinate, he reckons he can beat me. Chess I’ve come to realize is all about the mindgames, you beat them psychologically you end them on the chess board.

I had this lovely post to write about, an idea from my friend Mharlotte C-cmillan, I’ve forgotten what it was but here’s a little shoutout to her.

I’ve been binge watching suits over the last few months, safe to say it’s ruining my life. I’ve had my memories merge with suits, sometimes I forget that I’m still at school and don’t have a photographic memory. The whole premise is there’s this guy, Harvey Specter, who basically never loses a case, the man doesn’t really believe in losing. All he thinks about is winning. Now I didn’t really think I had this kind of Messiah complex, I believed that I could admit I could lose at things. Turns out my arrogance knows no bounds. Forky decides to bring up that I got the worst in the class for some reflex test, I’m confused, in my mind I’m sure I won, but she’s adamant she’s probably right, my memory is worse than dust. Score one to Kevin’s incredible mind that tells him he wins at everything.

Though in hindsight I’m pretty sure I did win, I was pretty damn fast and there were tons of other people who literally forgot they were doing a reflex test and did rubbish, plus I asked someone else who said they had a vague recollection of me winning. I probably won to be honest.


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