How Long Does Famous Last

6pm on a bus eating my first dinner of pizza and chips whilst listening to Tim Ferriss talk about some dusty old Roman philosopher (I try to slander it but I think that stuffs pretty dope)

I’ve been puzzling at what to write, I had a few pretty good ideas but they’ve came and gone, along with my soul and chances of not becoming obese by 26.

Then I thought I’d write about the wisdom of Seneca, then I realised I still wished to have some semblance of a life so that one went out the window.

So I looked in the old window, checked out my jawline a little and thought had to myself: “do you think Taylor Swift ever has moments like this?” not specifically this whole gorging on fried foods whilst using some cheap ass sony earphones that leak the sounds of Senaca around the bus, but moments of boredom, when there’s nothing to do, a moment when she’s not surrounded by her stupidly rich stupid clique. Then I realized she probably does, in fact she probably has more than me. Maximillian Berger has this saying “never compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel” seems pretty fitting, I see tay tay as this goddess who can’t fart or swear and has never eaten anything with over 300 calories in it partly because I’m only watching her highlight reel which has been specially formulated to string the masses along on this idea of a perfect life that can be achieved with celebrity status. Rant over- I’m just mad she can keep that skinny waist with all the food and alcohol she probably consumes.


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