We’d Never Last

Today’s fun lesson will be the 80/20 rule. I’m writing this because it partly pisses me off and because I’m partly unsure of what to write right now.

It’s been a strange day, today was the day I was meant to start hitting the books again. I wouldn’t say I’ve been unsuccessful but I haven’t really been doing what I’ve been picturing what it would be like when I started again. I started off with rowing in the morning, left early for orchestra, turned up late to orchestra because I was too busy buying food (Bircher Yogurts are beautiful things) then got home and started doing things.

I digress, the whole 80/20 thing is that 80% of your results in life will come from 20% of the effort, and in order to get the last 20% you need to do 80% of the work. The whole thing about doing all those stupid past papers to prepare for exams is that I could probably put in minimal effort and just memorise answers to the questions that keep coming up and still do well.

This post decided to die during its writing and in honor of it’s memory I will stop writing now and go watch more videos until my eyes implode.


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