Imagination Runs Fast

Perched upon my little stack of mats, the kind that you can do back flips on in PE, shoes off because they’re muddy and sitting beside two little doughballs (the new name for kids, the nugget nickname backfired on me). I really shouldn’t be here, my own rehearsal finished half an hour ago but on my father’s insistence we were to stay for a lot longer.

I would love to inform him that I have tons of work to do and really shouldn’t be wasting my valuable hours watching pre-teens and Asian women way past their prime dancing, though the problem with trying to tell dad something he doesn’t want to hear is he’ll either start discussing every sin you’ve ever committed in life or talk about how he’s done worse.

I’m pretty damn far behind on schoolwork. Physics needs planning, so does economics. A memory stick needs found and I can’t seem to quite remember how the French language works, honestly if I didn’t know myself better I’d probably put it down to stress. I’ve decided to give myself an amnesty from exercise (the new goal is trying to “grease the groove” for pullups) on Sundays because frankly I need one morning a week where I don’t feel like my body decided to reformulate itself as I sleep.

I’ve decided on what to do. Well I haven’t really but after RSD spent most of Friday dropping bomb videos I feel the least I could do is start writing some sort of game plan down. I’m going to do one of their Immersion programmes. These are basically just spending a period of time living in their big house is Vegas and crushing it everywhere. I’ll have to wait until at least 21 and I’ll need to have made enough money by then to afford the whole thing, but if it’s still running by then, I’ll be there.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do when I get older (contrary to my mother’s insistence that I become doctor) I’m convinced I’ll become successful. I’ve come to expect that I’m going to make at least 6 figures a year by the time I’m 30, I’m not sure why I have this belief, it’s not really something that I’ve ever said to myself, nor are my parents or adults I know really in this bracket. It’s just something I’ve come to realize that I expect from myself, but it’s deeper than that, I see it as some form of forgone conclusion that has already happened and all I need to do is turn up and do the work to get it. This will be deemed as arrogance of the highest kind, I suppose it is, but it’s one of those things that I know to be true (like how I will always have a place in my heart for pot noodles)


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