Leather Jacket Thriller

Aimlessly reading some Chinese textbook pretending to do some high quality work (I’ve realized that I barely do any work in school and spend most of my time at home trying to patch up all the mistakes I’ve made in class). I come onto this little passage where some little kid describes what you could do with your day. It ends with perhaps an hour watching television or listening to music at the end of the day. I was a little bemused, this Asian kid who had become so inundated with homework that he only had an hour a day to listen to music, I could spend most of my day listening to music, it’s hardly some special time for me. Then a few things hit me: this kid probably had a better time listening to his one hour of music than I did throughout my whole day listening to music.

Overconsumption today’s blog post. Like the heroin addict who must take progressively more heroin in order to enjoy the same physiological effects we’ve become so desensitized to items that we now need to search for even greater stimulation.

Something that I commonly overconsume is food. I’m not lamenting my weight or revealing some form of mental torment caused by my eating but it’s a point. At any time of the day I can enjoy just about any food I could want, but because of this I’ve lost my enjoyment of simple food and am now looking for more stimulating foods. Take Saturday for example, I finish rowing and head to the shops, grab a KitKat, banana chips and a bircher pot. I devour this in a few minutes and then walk to orchestra, on the way I’m searching for something curried, I need something that punches a hole through my tastebuds, the previous few foods have seemed somewhat bland and I need something to sate my need for food. I find some weird organic samosas but they’re pretty good. The point of this whole food odyssey is that I was surrounded by so much mouth stimulation that I was needing progressively more exotic things in order to properly enjoy my food. This is simply a result of being surrounded by such a plethora of food in my life.


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