No Way in Hell

Like just about every daunting and scheduled in social interaction, I spent a fair amount of time hypothesising how I would talk to my futurewise woman. So this is basically an hour long talk where you would discuss career options and plans for further education with some woman from a far-away company.

I’d imagined a few scenarios, start off with a lovely opener, ask about her day, slyly slate my peers who had gone before me and then get into the nitty gritty. It didn’t go to plan. Sure we had a lovely chat but it was nowhere like how I had planned it. First mention of the word “medicine” had her eyes lighting up before she dives into this tirade about the glory of medicine and how to get into every university, then I mention anthropology, down she goes again. 30 minutes is wasted on this thing, throughout the whole experience I try to tell her that really I don’t have a course in mind, I’d really rather learn the basics than jump feet first into some course. It takes about half an hour to muster up my courage and tell her I just want the general lowdown, of course like any adult who has seemed to master her art and has a little, arrogant twat questioning her wisdom she doesn’t take it incredibly well but nonetheless complies.

Today I’ve been in a bit of a funk, the exuberance has fled me and been replaced with this gentle hum. I’ve been quieter and more docile and dare I say more empathetic, it got so bad that halfway through physics I ran away to the bathroom, put some earphones in and pounded out some dub in order to reinvigorate myself, it kind of worked but still wasn’t a permanent solution.

I remember shouting at some friend about how people at the bottom of the mountain can’t see the top whilst those who have reached the top laugh at the efforts of those below them. Well I didn’t really shout at them, more a taunt because they couldn’t do the weights. I’m not really sure what the point of this little story is but I felt compelled to write it down, perhaps it’ll determine my future in some way, I do hope I turn out to be one of the people who actually reach the top.


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