Where You At

“I don’t like it because it’s indicative of a larger problem”

A text message that has been imprinted on my mind for the past few weeks and keeps getting replayed back to me for some reason. I can’t really remember what it was about, it just came out on this group chat and I screenshotted it because I was so appalled at the time by it. It was basically a veiled personal attack that was publicly exclaimed, frankly it made me a little sick at the time because reasons.

About a month later now, looking back at it, I have to give this snarky little comment some credit, sure it probably wasn’t meant to be this repeating lesson that’s kept me sane through the last month but I’ve found it to be a little gold nugget.

Part of the reason people make small talk is to make sure the other person isn’t a sociopath or just plain weird. As soon as they “make a bunt” as jeffy would say, you know there must be something wrong with them, a little quirk or racist comment (if I’m honest I’d probably give someone a high five for being brave enough to say something racist in today’s society) that is indicative of a bigger problem the person has.

It might be their attitude to their underlings, or this weird tick that doesn’t seem to be caused by anything, an annoyance for slow service, but these things probably point to something bigger that’s hidden below the surface.

Now writing this makes me feel a little hypocritical, if there’s anyone who has the little quirks that suggest problems in their psyche it’s me, I’m the kid who randomly makes that sound in maths class, or does a groan during computing, walk around cold and heartless and then bawl at this obscure Chinese song I’ve heard thrice in my life. I think this whole post was just me self-diagnosing my problems, for all the Internet to see. It’s been a pleasure chaps.


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