Wild For The Night

Survival of the fittest isn’t about the strongest being surviving, if it was we’d be ruled over by primate superiors and rhinos would be our jailors. The whole point of Darwin’s thesis wasn’t that jacked thyroid cases would win, the idea of Darwin was survival of the most well adapted.

Think of a little Malaysian dishing village, most of the villages protein comes from these little clams that you get from the bottom of a little cove, problem is the only way to get to them is by swimming through these right little cracks to get to the trove. Now in this scenario our big friends who resemble orangutans are no use, they can’t fit. So little Jonny who’s a couple of feet tall swims around and grabs all the clams. Here Jonny is the most well adapted, he kills it while all the big guys are stuck picking berries with the womenfolk.

This post isn’t about justifying being smaller than other people, it’s more a statement, that its those who last the longest who end up coming up winners.


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