Long Live The King

Pussy Money Weed.

My new theory about this whole getting likes thing is getting as many views as you can and out of that hoping for likes. Therefore I’ll take a leaf out of those annoying youtubers books and put the most outrageous preview lines and title and just hope for clicks.

Aside from that I do have an actual post for today. About how things can become mainstream. Mainstream things have to be two things: litigation free and easily understood.

The litigation free part is that mainstream things can’t be sued, and they have to be easily understood do an idiot doesn’t misinterpret them and ends up killing people.

McDonald’s is as litigation free as it gets. All its meats are brined in this ridiculous pink glue in order to exterminate all the germs (and nutrients) from the food. It’s probably impossible to catch food poisoning from McDonald’s, all its marketing campaigns are so politically correct that no one can sue them for whatever bogus claim gets made up.

For this part about not being misinterpreted easily we’ll take Islam. I don’t know anything about it frankly but the point is it isn’t an incredibly successful mainstream idea because there’s room to somehow misinterpret in order to justify murder. Mainstream ideas need to be so watered down that there is literally no room for interpretation. Take Donald Trumps election slogan “I will make America great again” there is no arguing against it, it’s the most basic message you can give without room for any inference and interpretation, I think that’s part of Trumps success -being able to lead the unthinking masses to victory.


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