Time Trial Blog Post

This is a timed blog post, I have to write this one for the total duration of a stormzy song, well I mean stormzy only has two songs and one is crap, so right now the fingertips are dancing furiously over my keyboard. And my friend just paused it, I have slightly longer to bang out this post. Okay now I can’t hear it because this little nerd decides that clash of clan raiding is more important that writing a blog post, damn nerds. It’s actually quite a good song, this weird flute solo in the background really mixes up the beat, stormzy is a lyrical genius.

Actually we’ll hit up this vein, under appreciated artists. For a long time I thought drizzy was awful, well him and just about everyone that was related to rap and hip hop, then my main man, ASAP half life hits me up with the tunes and here I am jamming and blogging whilst my main man plays the clan game.

So that’s my blog post, under appreciated assets, especially mboy ASAP halflife, thanks for making chemistry bearable.


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