Where Do I Begin

My fingers are itching to write a piece about all the injustices I have suffered this week, I would love to spend a whole post lamenting my awful situation with my teachers and the horrible habits that finally caught up with me this week. Yet this is hardly the forum for that.

Lately I’ve been considering making this blog private. The problem with having this as a public blog is anyone I know can read this, plus I totally want to start ratting people out on this and making notes about my day and things I need to remember. The whole point of writing this blog was to self diagnose and to record my thoughts as a means if becoming more self aware, while I feel it has worked I feel I’ve been holding back from truly expressing myself. Perhaps like any good interviewer I just need to seem to be talking to myself in order to get into the nitty gritty, having an audience doesn’t help. I write this as a sort of middle finger up to being complacent, no matter how much or little I’ve worked during the day I’ll still have to write this down and post it (something I’ve been forgetting to do a lot recently). Right now I’m probably the most tired I’ve been in a long time. It’s not a tired that my eyelids are drooping, more that I feel drained, the cup that previously runneth over is empty. Thankfully we get a week’s holiday next week so I’ll be trying to spend it recharging the batteries and fixing up some issues.

I’m probably going to go on retreat, social media will going for the week, I’ll try to eat better and get in a few ergs, next week will probably be the catalyst for the next few months of my life.


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