Gigolo Grime Gankstars

Music has to be one of the pleasures of life, one of the cool things that make this little tenure on the blue planet bearable.

Today’s message that I’ve been told by people is that I’ve not been using my musicals enough. Some woman at this concert this morning asked how long I’d been playing, I think I answered 7 years but honestly I think I’m closer to 9. It seemed odd to me that I had spent so much of my life practising this skill, to after a certain point I dropped it all and was resigned to just doing crappy ensembles.

Next came the ghost of Christmas past. We’re stuck at this massive dinner party, there’s this fun little room with a piano and some ridiculous assortment of gym equipment. I twiddle around with some of my old pieces, I get an applause, it seems cool to a mere mortal. Then she sits down and busts out the best rendition of Stay I’ve heard, like proper decent, best version I’ve heard, 1st of 2.

But seriously this got me thinking, here I was with a good decade of formal piano training yet I had no discernible skills but a chopin and Scarlatti to show, she could listen to a song, learn a few chords and then play it from memory, which one would you rather have?

So today will be a mopefest, while I leave now to hit up the CS GO.


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